Sunday, April 12, 2009

Tree houses in Hyde Park

The City of Sydney has approved the use of Hyde Park and Martin Place for a major month-long exhibition of cutting edge sustainable tree houses.

Treelife is organised by the Sydney-based culture and design web portal "The Cool Hunter"

The Cool Hunter is inviting some of the worlds leading architects, designers and artists to showcase the latest in eco-design principles and construction.

A board of curators will work to select the participating architects, designers and artists, both established stars and rising talent from across the globe as well as the event’s home city.

Up to 100 custom-designed temporary tree houses, made from recycled and sustainable materials will be built free-standing rather than "attached" to trees, so they do not negatively impact on the environment.

"Treelife will be a brand new free event, launched here in Sydney before going to London and New York," said Lord Mayor Clover Moore MP.

"This event will showcase innovative and creative sustainable architecture, and illustrate that green can co-exist with urban city life."

Council has also provided up to $130,000 value-in-kind support for the event.

Treelife is planned for early 2010.

Media Contacts:

City of Sydney: Leanne Lincoln 9265 9910 or

Cool Hunter: Laura Demasi 8086 1869 or


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  2. that is one cool tree house!

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