Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Habseligkeiten is a German word which is usually used in its plural form. It refers to the paltry belongings of an almost penniless person. "Habseligkeiten" was chosen as the most beautiful German word in October 2004 in a competition initiated by the Goethe Insitute. The nomination points out that the word combines two completely opposite areas of life: worldly belongings ("hab" from "haben", "to have") and the eternal search for happiness ("Seligkeit", a state of bliss or of being blessed). It argues that this tension causes the observer to feel sympathy towards the owner of such belongings.

Opening night drinks on Wednesday, 15th April, from 6pm – 8pm

Exhibition Dates 15th – 29th April, 2009

@ Horus & Deloris, Contemporary Art Space

Level 2, 102 Pyrmont Street,
New South Wales, 2009

Telephone/Facsimile +61 2 9660 6071

Caroline Wales
Gallery Director

Email caz@horusanddeloris.com.au

Mobile 0411 431 924

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