Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Balibo talk at AFTRS this Friday

ABC journalist Tony Maniaty talks about his consulting role for the movie Balibo, currently in production at this week's Friday on My Mind at AFTRS.

The Balibo Five were five Australian journalists that were slain by Indonesian military as they moved into East Timor in 1975. Many people will recall the forced annexure of East Timor by Indonesia which was ashamedly, sanctioned by our own government. One third of the East Timor population were wiped out by the Indonesian military, who were supplied with military aid by our government. This is guaranteed to be an interesting talk.

Balibo is directed by Robert Connelly (Three Dollars) and stars Anthony LaPaglia.

AFTRS Theatre, 5pm
130 Bent St
The Entertainment Quarter
Moore Park NSW 2021

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