Saturday, September 12, 2009


by Lachlan Philpott
Directed by Amy Hardingham
Performed by atyp’s Young Artists’ Program

Breath in deep. Can ya smell it?
Smell of bus seats. Vinyl and sweat.
Nothing nowhere beats that.
See the yellow bus? That’s where we was born.

Bustown. A place of junked buses, forgotten sideshow prizes and people waiting for The Driver. The people of Bustown live, laugh and lose teeth under the watchful eye of the Punkbirds. It’s paradise for most, but Axel and Cressida keep wondering about the otherness. We all have to fly the coop someday...

WHEN 7:30pm: 25 Sep - 26 Sep; 30 Sep - 3 Oct
5pm: 27 Sep; 4 Oct
10:30am: 22 Sep - 24 Sep; 29 Sep - 1 Oct

This production is suitable for ages 12 years and over.

Photography by Alex Vaughan

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