Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Sunday 12th of July to 18th of July
Steven Berkoff's Decadence is a brilliantly entertaining satire of the English class system. With merciless style and wit, Berkoff tells the stories of upper class Steve and Helen (who live a life of carefree indulgence) and working class Les and Sybil (desperately trapped by their working class values).

By popular demand, this rarely performed Berkoff classic hits Sydney's independent arts hub the Tap Gallery for one week only.

After a massive audience response last December, the cast and crew have re-united for a hit and run revival season in July, with further dates touring a-la-carte later in the year.

Salme Geransar as Helen
Rowan McDonald as Steve
Peter Morris as Les
Dani Crane as Sybil

Produced & directed by Alexandra Juchau

Proudly supported by Inner City Arts
278 Palmer Street

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