Monday, June 1, 2009

Milk Crate Theatre

Free Theatre performance "WHEN THE KNIGHT TURNS DARK"

Presented by MILK CRATE THEATRE: 7- 8.30pm Wednesday 10 June,

YWCA - Y Conference Centre, Level 4, 5 - 11 Wentworth Avenue, Sydney.

"When the Knight Turns Dark", is a tale of domestic violence, children and independence. This is a free production, and everyone is welcome. Information:

Milk Crate Theatre creates challenging and inspiring theatre with the homeless and disadvantaged community that explores with heart, honesty and integrity how we relate to each other and the world we live in. Milk Crate Theatre believes in the power of creativity to enhance the way we live our lives, to build our connection to one another.

A night at Milk Crate Theatre is one you never forget. The audience is colourful, chaotic, dysfunctional, extremely outspoken and the performances are some of the most moving, warm hearted and often hilarious nights of theatre one can experience. Everyone is a potential performer, all opinions are heard, issues are thrashed out live on stage and finally everyone celebrates together with food. Top this off with an extensive program of workshop/rehearsals where participants can improvise, dream, create and tell their stories, you have Milk Crate Theatre - Australia’s only theatre company solely dedicated to the homeless and disadvantaged community.

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